Gemini Duel Tank Water Softening System

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Waterite’s new Gemini Dual Tank Water Softening System is the latest member of Waterite’s Fusion² family of advanced water softeners. Perfect for a wide range of light commercial and more-demanding residential applications, the Gemini system employs a single valve that alternates between two mineral tanks, eliminating system downtime for resin bed regeneration and offering users seamless, soft-water service.

Gemini Dual Tank softeners range in sizes from 30,000 grains of hardness capacity to 150,000 grains. When one resin tank nears capacity, Gemini’s advanced electronic control automatically switches service flow to the second tank and begins the regeneration cycle on the first tank. Practicality, value and ease of operation all combine to make Gemini softeners the obvious choice in a wide range of softening applications.

The heart of the Gemini Dual Tank system is its electronic control valve, sharing most critical valve parts with other Fusion² products and keeping service simple. Systems boast dual matching tank jackets, bypass valves with connectors and attractive Fusion trim. Gemini packages are rounded out with Waterite’s premium resin and comprehensive warranty.

Although at first glance a water softener is an added expense, the amount of boiler treatment chemical is decreased. Using Edmonton city water as an example, the amount of treatment chemical is reduced by 90%. If the average 125 BHP unsoftened boiler consumes 20L of boiler treatment every week, it will consume $5,200 to $9,500 worth of compound in a year. As a result, the payback of a water softener system is often one year.

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