Boiler Maintenance

Arctic Boilers & Fabricating offers scheduled services to keep your boiler facility running smoothly, safely and in compliance with industry regulations.

We perform

  • Annual inspections and re-certifications
  • Combustion certification
  • Boiler plant maintenance

Here’s how we do annual inspections and certifications on a portable boiler.

To book maintenance, call us at 780-955-2723 or send an email to

Emergency Services

We perform emergency service and repairs 24×7. To reach a service technician, call 780-955-2723

Burner Upgrades and Modernizations

Honeywell and Fireye have both ended support for many flame controllers. If you have their products, you’re exposed to outages and longer downtime in the event of a failure.

Unless you modernize now.

Using our partnership with Power Flame we will build you a complete UL-approved package for your existing approved burner, no matter who the original manufacture was. Not only will your operation have greater reliability because of the hardware support, but it will benefit from lower emissions and reduced fuel waste.

Water Treatment and Automatic Blowdown

Your boiler and your time is worth a lot of money, which makes downtime from scale is extremely costly. Prevention is everything.

But different situations need different solutions, and that’s why we have options to protect the inside of your boiler from scaling.

With water testing, we can prescribe the best boiler chemical and provide a complete package for injection.

If chemical treatment is not enough, we can help you choose a reverse osmosis system or a water softener. In Edmonton, for example, a water softener will reduce the amount of chemical needed by 90%.

And to help keep the reacted chemical build-up low, we have systems that can help save you time and improve safety with automatic blow down.

Boiler Buildings and Skids Custom-built for You

​Arctic Boilers fabricates custom boiler shacks and skids to suit your needs. We will install your boiler into a unit of your choice or into your work place.

We can also install your boiler into a skid-mounted sea can or shack, depending on the size of boiler.

Our boiler installs include

  • Gensets
  • Light towers
  • Heat exchangers
  • and building repairs and upgrades


Your old boiler can break at the worst time. Or perhaps you need to grow your capacity, but you also need your money to keep you growing. If you’re buying a new boiler, a new water treatment package, or a Power Flame modernization package from us, we can work with you to find financing. We would love to discuss the details with you, so let us know if we can help at .