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Power Flame Type C Burner
Power Flame Type C Burner

The Power Flame CGO dual fuel burner presents an optimum state-of-the-art design for maximum combustion efficiency and operating dependability

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Wide range of fuels

Type C Burners are designed to fire gaseous, as well as #2 or similar distillate fuels. Packaged Liquid Waste Fuel Burning systems, employing the basic design principles of the Type C dual fuel burner are also available.

Flame retention firing head with multiport combustor

The flame retention firing head incorporates a single nozzle pressure atomizing assembly for liquid fuels and a nozzle mix multiport combustor for gaseous fuels. Its unique air sandwich design places the gas into an envelope of combustion air, by introducing air on both sides of the gas firing orifices. The result is a high stability flame within a wide range of combustion chamber configurations.

10 to 1 turndown when firing natural gas

The burner can easily modulate as low as 10% without cycling off and causing a return up to 100% of full fire. This increases energy efficiency by significantly limiting purge losses. It also improves reliability and reduces maintenance costs due to less wear and tear from excessive stopping and starting.

Total Access Panel for easier maintenance

The patented swing out, easily removable top and front panels give the operator or service person complete, unencumbered access to switches, lights, wiring connections, etc. of all panel-mounted devices.

Modular design for more options

The modular design provides flexibility for a wide range of optional features, such as premix and low gas pressure firing heads for limited size combustion chamber configurations or low gas pressure conditions.

Ideal for retrofits

Unlike other burners, the Type C burner is ideal for retrofit applications. The unique construction of the blast tube and firing head allows firing through the existing fire door. No need to cut through the water wall in order to accommodate a larger diameter or a shorter blast tube and firing head.

As with all Power Flame packaged combustion systems, these burners are factory fire-tested to ensure cost effective installation and start up

Two Power Flame Type C5 burners in fire test


The following diagrams and charts are from the manual, which you can download here.


Dimensions schematic
Schematic of dimensions for Power Flame burner model CR (low centerline applications)
Dimensions for low centerline applications
Dimensions for standard models of Power Flame CGO burners

Burner Ratings & Specifications

Standard Burner Ratings and Component Data

Installation and Operation Manual


  1. General Product Information
  2. Installation
  3. Mechanical Operation of Fuel/Air Control Modes
  4. Start Up, All Fuel
  5. Gas Start Up
  6. Oil Start Up
  7. Servicing and Component Adjustments
  8. Maintenance
  9. Burner Start Up Information and Test Data
  10. Gas and Oil Burner Owner Operating Instructions

About Power Flame

Power Flame is an established manufacturer for over 50 years. They are a prime supplier for several of the major boiler, air heater, and specialty heat exchange manufacturers, as well as a market leader in innovation, quality, and safety.