Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems



Waterite Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Designed with Waterite’s own XFLOW membrane technology, the Waterite commercial RO systems combine ultra-low system maintenance, high efficiency pressures with high balanced membrane element cross flows; achieving high efficiency and big energy savings. All systems feature quality Waterite BLACKMAXX® RO membrane elements.

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VECTAPURE RSXII™ (Nominal 350-800 GPD)

Vectapure RSX systems include as standard features: stainless membrane housings, heavy duty rotary vane pumps, stainless steel needle valves, 10” BB 5 micron polyspun prefilter and a powder coated aluminum frame for corrosion resistance.

Optional features include: digital programmable system controller, auto-flush, dual flow meters, and TDS meter.

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VECTAMAXX RSR™ (Nominal 1,200-2,400 GPD)

Vectamaxx RSR systems include a powder coated aluminum frame for superior corrosion resistance, whisper-quiet multi-stage stainless drive pump, stainless steel piping, dual flow meters, 10” BB 5 micron polyspun prefilter, and a digital programmable system controller.

Optional features include: auto-flush and TDS meter. The RSR is available in 115v or 230v single phase.

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VECTAMAXX RSL™ (Nominal 2,400-9,600 GPD)

VECTAMAXX RSL systems include as standard features: stainless membrane housings, stainless drive pumps, 20” BB 5 micron polyspun prefilter, stainless steel piping, digital programmable system controller, oil filled gauges, dual flow meters, auto-flush and a powder coated aluminum frame for superior corrosion resistance. For brackish water, the RSL is available in high pressure models (RSLHP).

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RB8 BLACKMAXX® (Nominal 20,000-120,000 GPD)

RB8 BLACKMAXX systems include as standard features: stainless drive pumps, stainless jumbo prefilter housing, FRP membrane housings, stainless steel piping, auto-flush, digital flow and TDS monitors, integrated system controller, CIPready (CIP not included), and with factory-programmed PLC. Everything to assure simplicity, dependability and rugged performance.

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Pre-treatment systems

Each RO installation can present a unique set of challenges. Waterite’s family of automatic filters can help meet them all. Available with a wide selection of media,

Particulate and Chlorine Removal

Waterite filters can be tailored to meet individual customer needs to meet a wide range of service flow rates.

Nextsand filtration can be used for the reduction of turbidity (suspended particulate) to approximately 3 microns. For less demanding applications, crushed aggregate filtration (Filter Ag™) or other media combinations may be used to reduce suspended particulate to approximately 15 microns.

Waterite’s CENTURION, CENTURION ‘C’ and CENTURION ‘7’ high performance, acid washed activated carbon filters are commonly used for the reduction of chlorine and its by-products, THMs, VOCs, organic colour, H2S, odours and particulate.

Iron Removal

Ziron Chemical-Free Iron Filter

Ziron is the latest addition to Waterite’s family of automatic backwashing filters, designed to eliminate the damaging effects of iron in your household water supply. Ziron systems are capable of handling moderate levels of iron in your water supply, without the need of messy and expensive chemicals. The system is designed to draw air through its advanced, electronic control valve at regular intervals, forming an air cap in the filter tank. The air cap air begins the process of oxidizing the dissolved iron in your water, followed by a catalytic media bed that both completes the iron oxidation and conventionally filters the oxidized iron particles from your water stream. Without the need for messy chemicals like chlorine or potassium permanganate, Ziron offers a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative for iron removal!

Fusion2 Chemical-Free Paterson Iron Remover

Waterite’s wide range of water conditioners includes the original Paterson chemical-free iron remover, a highly effective solution to iron staining and rusty water. This rugged system injects air to oxidize ferrous (clear water) iron and removes the resulting ferric (red water) iron from your water supply. Features include the famous Micronizer air injector, Midnight Black tank jacket and the F2 fully automatic valve. Waterite’s patented Paterson system never needs chemicals! Available in 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 CF sizes with service flow rates up to 8.0 GPM.

H2S Removal

Ziron-C – H2S Removal

The Ziron-C filter systems use an advanced catalytic carbon media to reduce the unpleasant tastes, odours and corrosion associated with hydrogen sulphide in drinking water. Using the advanced Ziron control valve to draw in air in precise doses, Ziron-C begins oxidizing the H2S, then uses the catalytic carbon media to complete the process and absorb and filter the H2S out of your water supply. The heart of each Ziron and Ziron-C filter systems is Waterite’s exclusive, advanced Fusion control valve, each with automatic digital controls. They represent rugged reliability for years of trouble-free service and low ongoing maintenance needs. Each Ziron and Ziron-C filter system comes with Waterite’s factory 5-year limited valve warranty and a 3-year limited mineral tank warranty.

Fusion2 Manganese Greensand and MTM™ Filters

Useful for filtration when elevated iron, hydrogen sulphide and manganese are found in the water supply. Both of these proven filtration medias require periodic regeneration with potassium permanganate. Manganese greensand is a natural, mined material and MTMTM is a manufactured media. MTMTM has an advantage in applications requiring a lower backwash rate to achieve optimum bed expansion. Models are available up to 2.5 CF with peak service flows up to 10.0 GPM. All MTMTM and MG filter systems are equipped with the Waterite F2 control valve, potassium permanganate feeder and a Midnight Black tank jacket.

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