JC Industries Feed Water Turbine Pump, Rebuild Kit, Albrizac



This Rebuild kit is intended for use on the Model A and Model B Albrizac turbine pump. We also offer a rebuild service for your existing pump, that is generally less expensive then the entire rebuild kit. Please contact us for details.

Rebuild kit includes:

Turbine impeller, 2 Turbine halves, 2 Bearings, 2 O-rings, 1 mechanical seal.

Every pump is inspected and factory tested before delivery.

Solid bronze liners drilled and grooved for complete draining. The inner liner has a special design feature which allows for pressure reduction, better circulation and cooling to the mechanical seal. The impeller hub is grooved for easy removal with a “C” clamp to access the mechanical seal.

For low and high pressure boiler, circulation, and condensate return. When not in use pump should be drained and purged with anti-freeze to prevent frost damage under freezing conditions.

Albrizac pump has a 1 year manufacture warranty against all defects including material and labor. Incorrect adjustment, running without water material will cause premature wear or pump failure and is not covered under warranty.



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Additional information

Flow in GPH / Model

8, 10, 12, 14, 16