JC Industries Feed Water Turbine Pump, Model A, Albrizac



Model A Bearing Frame and Volute

Inlet is 1-1/4″ NPT and outlet is 1-1/2″ NPT

Base to center shaft is 3-1/2″

Model Volume in GPM @ 100 PSIG
A8 8
A10 10
A12 12
A14 14
A16 16

The end plate is made of a bronze material which allows some expansion without cracking when frozen due to incomplete draining. This end plate has been test proven in Western Canada’s cold climate in the Drilling Industry over the past 8 years. Of 700 plus end plates installed and in use under severe winter conditions, none have been returned due to cracking or failing.

All pumps are fitted with mechanical BUNA-N seals propylene (E.P.) or Viton for higher temperature applications are available as well. The matting ring is of porcelain material with a carbon primary sealing ring and stainless steel spring. The temperature ranges are -40C to +105C for BUNA-N seal, -45C to +150C for E.P. and -30C to +205C for Viton.

Every pump is inspected and factory tested before delivery.

Solid bronze liners drilled and grooved for complete draining. The inner liner has a special design feature which allows for pressure reduction, better circulation and cooling to the mechanical seal. The impeller hub is grooved for easy removal with a “C” clamp to access the mechanical seal.

The shafts are of stainless steel fitted with sealed ZZC3 bearings and secured in a locked position with bronze adjusting nuts and a locking screw.

J5 Martin coupling are recommended with all Model A Pumps. There consist of a 5/8″ pump coupling and 7/8″ motor coupling with a J5 element.

For low and high pressure boiler, circulation, and condensate return. When not in use pump should be drained and purged with anti-freeze to prevent frost damage under freezing conditions.

Albrizac pump has a 1 year manufacture warranty against all defects including material and labor. Incorrect adjustment, running without water material will cause premature wear or pump failure and is not covered under warranty.

A quick rule of thumb is that 1/10 of a gallon is needed for every boiler horsepower. So a 500 HP boiler will need a pump capable of delivering 50 gpm. An 125 HP boiler will need a 12.5 gpm pump Minimum. This method assumes feedwater at room temperature, as feed water temperature increases, the flow actual flow rate of the pump will decrease.

The complex way: BHP × (34.5 Lbs/hr of Steam at 212F) ÷ (8.37 Lbs of water / Gallon) ÷ (60 min/hr) × (1.5 Safety factor).  An 125 HP boiler will need a 12.9 gpm pump minimum with room temperature boiler feed water.

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A8, A10, A12, A14, A16


None, 3 Phase, 208-230/460 volt