United Brass Works Model 34032 Long Shank Water Gauge Fixture Set


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The Model 34032, United Brass Works, long shank gauge glass valve set has been designed for use in steam boilers to view the water level. The valve features a rising stem, aluminum hand wheel, long shank and ball check. Ball Check to Prevent Leakage, if glass breaks.

Set contains top and bottom valve with washers and rubbers, a 1/4 inch M-F ball valve, and two rods.

To determine proper glass length, subtract 1-1/8” from center to center dimensions of the installed valves.

This is also known as a Gauge Glass Kit.

*Contains lead. Not for use in water systems intended for human consumption*

CNR OCO7135.2C approved valve.

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Pipe Size

1/2 inch NPT


250 lbs. WSP at 406F max


400 Lbs. WOG

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