United Brass Works Model 62 One-piece Body Swing Check Valve


The Model 62, United Brass Works, One-piece body swing check valve has been designed for use as a one direction flow valve. It can be used with the majority of industrial fluids for services ranging from vacuum to the higher temperatures and pressures.

This valve dose not contain a PTFE Disc, See Model 62T.

This valve is commonly used to control the flow of water in the feedline system.

*Contains lead. Not for use in water systems intended for human consumption*

Install in horizontal position with cap in upright position. Not recommended for pulsating or vibrating service.

When used on Boiler feed line it is recommended that a Model 50T spring loaded check valve be used in conjunction with Model 62 with the Model 62 located nearest to the boiler and the #50T located nearest to the pump.

CNR approved valve.

Tech Sheet

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Additional information

Pipe Size

1 inch NPT, 1-1/4 inch NPT, 1-1/2 inch NPT, 2 inch NPT


200 lbs. WSP at 406F max


400 Lbs. WOG

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