RibTec, Refractory Reinforcement Stainless Steel Needles, 1 inch

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RibTec designs and manufactures reinforcement needles out of 304 Stainless to be imbedded in castable refractory to stop crack formation. Unlike solid rebar, it will not expand unevenly, but still provide the tensile strength needed to increase the longevity of the refractory.

Although originally listed as a part for the manufacture of refractory in a high temperature furnace, most of our customers use this product in the construction of a pizza oven. If you are planning to use this in your pizza oven project, please send us some pictures of your finished masterpiece. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions.

It is essential to include sufficient fiber in the mix to prevent the microcracks which develop under thermal stress from propagating into visible cracks which can lead to premature refractory failure. International experience has proven that the most cost-effective fiber addition for enhanced serviceability, irrespective of fiber type used, is 1% by volume (this is equivalent to 3-4% by weight for most non-insulating refractory mixes.)

In an endeavor to trim initial costs, a few refractory suppliers have been tempted to use fiber contents as low as 2% by weight. This is contrary to the current trend towards the use of higher fiber dosage levels (up to 6% by weight) to maximize service life. Manufacturers of expensive drawn stainless wire fibers often promote 2% fiber addition in an effort to present their product as ‘competitive’. This approach is in reality a false economy, since the associated reduced service life of the composite makes the low fiber containing refractories work out significantly more costly over their shorter service life.

Attempts to support the argument for ‘low fiber addition’ by simple laboratory tests of strength and toughness are misleading and do not reflect ‘real life conditions’.

Sold in 10Lb quantities.

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