Cerablanket, Ceramic Wool Refractory, 1×24 inch

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Cerablanket is produced from exceptionally pure oxides of alumina and silica using the spinning process. The resultant quality spun fibers have been optimized for high handling strength, with on average the highest tensile strength of any Thermal Ceramics ceramic fiber blanket. Cerablanket offers excellent handleability and high temperature stability which allows it to meet a wide range of hot face and back up insulation applications in furnaces, kilns and other equipment requiring high temperature heat containment.

This product is often called / confused with Kaowool, but is white in color and is of a higher performance.

This product has a max temperature rating of 2400 F. and a melting point of 3200 F. A density of 4Lb.

Comes in a 25 foot roll. 50 sq feet. Sold by the sq foot. Each linear foot contains 2 sq feet.

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