Out of manufacture since the early 90s, but still loved by many. Not only do we offer parts support we also offer a team of service persons to help keep your equipment running like new.

Fireye Amplifier Card, M Series
10000367Fireye Amplifier Card, M Series$297.45
Fireye Control Chassis
Fireye Control Chassis, M Series$1,395.65$1,547.00iron-fireman|lister|burners
Fireye Programming Card
Fireye Programming Card, M Series$435.00$1,627.20iron-fireman|lister|burners
ASCO 2/2 Series SV401 2-Way Solenoid Valve
10002265ASCO 2/2 Series SV401 2-Way 1/4 inch Solenoid Valve$154.35
Hago Fuel Nozzle
Hago Fuel Nozzle$36.40$43.00iron-fireman|fuel-system|lister|power-flame-type-c|burnersdiesel|hago|iron-fireman|lister|sprinkler|webster