Iron Fireman (C240 and C120)

Parts and accessories for the Iron Fireman C120 and C240

Acme, Pressure Regulating Valve, 1/2 inch
10000277Acme, Pressure Regulating Valve, 1/2 inch$210.00
iron-fireman valves burnersc240 diesel
Burner Fan C-240
10000247Burner Fan C-240$275.00
iron-fireman burnersc240 fan
C120/C240 Nozzle Mounting Adaptor
10000390C120/C240 Nozzle Mounting Adaptor$12.00
iron-fireman burners
C240 Air Diffuser / Cone
10000257C240 Air Diffuser / Cone$279.85
iron-fireman burners
C240 Burner Housing, Clone
10000258C240 Burner Housing, Clone$114.49
iron-fireman burners
Fireye, Amplifier Card, M Series
10000367Fireye, Amplifier Card, M Series$297.45
iron-fireman lister burners
Fireye, Control Chassis, M Series
Fireye, Control Chassis, M Series$1,395.65$1,547.00iron-fireman lister burners
Fireye, Programing Card,  M Series
Fireye, Programing Card, M Series$435.00$1,627.20iron-fireman lister burners
Guardian Fuel Pump Drive Coupling, 6 inch
10000281Guardian Fuel Pump Drive Coupling, 6 inch$65.58
iron-fireman burnersc240 guardian iron-fireman
Hago Fuel Nozzle
Hago Fuel Nozzle$36.40$43.00iron-fireman fuel-system lister power-flame-type-c burnersdiesel hago iron-fireman lister sprinkler webster