Boiler washout is harsh and nasty

Here’s what we do to protect your boiler and the environment

Treating your boiler

Having your boiler properly acidized during the cleaning process helps in two ways. It increases the efficiency of the heat exchanger, which reduces wear and tear on the the burner. And it totally exposes the back tube sheet to the cleaning which decreases chances of accidents later.

We use a gentle solution chemical wash to clean your boiler. It takes 4 days, but it greatly reduces the chance of over-acidification while removing the scale.

Standard boiler washout uses a sulfuric acid chemical wash. It gets the job done in 4 hours, which makes it convenient. In fact, it’s essential for hospitals and other boiler plants that can’t bear an extended outage. The problem is that over time, this treatment weakens and damages the boiler.

But your portable boiler doesn’t need this kind of rapid treatment. Our 4-day solution does the trick while minimizing risk and costly damage to your boiler down the road.

Treating the environment

Now, you might ask, what’s in that boiler washout water, and what do we do with it? Because everyone in this industry has environmental issues to deal with and boiler maintenance is no exception.

Boiler washout water is contaminated with pretty harmful stuff–mercury, phosphates, calcium chlorides, acids, and diesel fuel.

Our boiler washout water goes directly into a collection tank. Nothing is left to soak into the ground. We use a reputable wastewater collection service, which empties the tank with a vacuum truck and disposes of it safely.

How we treat the environment is not just about laws and compliance. Long term environmental sustainability is one of our three mandates that make us an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Company. Discover how we can help you be one too.