A little about who we are

We are an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Company and we would like to help you be  one too. We have embedded three mandates into our policies and operations to assure  responsible, sustainable long-term success.

Our first mandate is to long term environmental sustainability, achieved by investing in the newest clean burning technology. We continue to upgrade our rental boilers to the most advanced burner technology via our partner, Power Flame. These upgrades reduce the amount of fuel being burnt by as much as 10%. We also offer dual fuel burners, so that our clients can reduce their dependence on Diesel and shift to clean Natural Gas. Through our actions, every year we are saving more than 200 metric tonnes of carbon* from entering the atmosphere. And we are just getting started. We would love to help you do the same.

Second, we continue to buy parts and equipment made in the United States and Canada, and limit our purchasing from countries with human rights violations as outlined by the United Nations, Article 39. This keeps us supporting the manufacturers and jobs in our own communities. And, by purchasing from us, you will be buying into the local economy.

Third is how we treat our team. We are an equal opportunity employer that cares and understands. Giving our employees the time off they need to look after family obligations and fair compensation are important to us. For instance, compensation paid to executives will never exceed a Gini Coefficient of 0.3 on financial inequality. We want to ensure our team is motivated to help you.

* This number is based on the upgrade from fixed on-off burners to the servo / computer controls systems that save between %4 to %10 fuel. With the average rental season of 100 days. Using 1450L of diesel / day / 125 hp boiler. 720g of carbon / Liter. Or 10.4 Tonnes / 125 hp boiler.