Nibco Model T-113 One-piece Body Gate Check Valve

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The Model T-113, Nibco, One-piece body gate check valve has been designed for use as an isolation valve. It features a screw-in bonnet for service where infrequent maintenance is required. The female threaded ends allow for ease of installation. Non-rising stem gate valves are used when shutoff is required and a space saving is necessary. The solid wedge, integral seats and bi-directional service make the gate valve a good choice for a broad range of services. It can be used with the majority of industrial fluids for services ranging from vacuum to the higher temperatures and pressures.

This valve is commonly used to control the direction of flow of water in the feedline system.

CNR approved valve.

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Pipe Size

1 inch NPT


125 lbs. WSP at 406F max


200 lbs. WOG

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