600 HP Superior Boiler with Heat Exchanger

Portable rental boiler building contains 600HP firetube boiler, water tank and fuel tank


This unit was built to heat large volumes of water on a temporary site. It can provide steam at a rate of 7,357 kW, or heat a liquid at a rate of 5,421 kW, or a combination of the two. The boiler can run off of both No. 2 Oil and Natural Gas, providing flexibility.

The unit is well suited to plant shutdowns, sea ring heating and emergency backup for building heating. To provide flexibility, the unit does not contain a circulating pump for the heat exchanger, or a generator for the electrical service.

Boiler Details

  • Manufacturer: Superior Boiler Works, Inc.
  • HP: 600
  • Max Working Pressure: 1034KPA (150 psig)
  • Year Built: 2015
  • CRN A7639.32

Burner Details

  • Manufacturer: Weishaupt
  • Model: RGL70/3-A, ZM-NR
  • Firing rate (BTU/hr) 25,106,000
  • Fuel: Natural Gas / No. 2 Oil.
  • Max No. 2 Oil Usage: 0.98 Cubic meter per hour
  • Max Natural Gas Pressure: 8 PSI
  • Max Natural Gas Usage: 710 Cubic meter per hour

Heat Exchanger Details

  • Manufacturer: Altex industries inc.
  • Max Working Pressure: 1303
  • Year Built: 2016
  • CRN W8355.2
  • Duty 5421.81 kW

Building Details

  • Manufacture: Arctic Boilers & Fabricating Ltd
  • Volume of Water Tank: 7,803 Liter
  • Volume of Fuel Tank: 12,540 Liter
  • Voltage: 480v
  • Phase: 3
  • Amperage: 100A
  • Total Length: 15.85M
  • Total Height: 3.66M
  • Total Width: 3.78M
  • Steam connection: four 2-inch NPT and one 6-inch flange
  • Gas Connection: 3-inch NPT, 6 PSI