80 HP Volcano Boiler 6092


This unit was built to heat a service rig or a small drilling rig on a temporary site. The boiler can run off of No. 2 Fuel Oil.

The unit is well suited to service rigs and emergency backup for building heating. To provide flexibility, the unit comes mounted onto a high-boy trailer and comes with a water tank and fuel tank. The building is accessed by stairs with hand rails from the back.

Boiler Details

  • Manufacturer: Volcano
  • HP: 80
  • Max Working Pressure: 1034KPA (150 psig)
  • Year Built: 1998
  • CRN: C6798.69802
  • A 442933

Burner Details

  • Manufacturer: Riello
  • Model:
  • Firing rate (BTU/hr) 2,500,000
  • Fuel: No. 2 Oil.
  • Max No. 2 Oil Usage: 17Liter per hour

Building Details

  • Manufacture: Unknown
  • Volume of Water Tank: 9,000 Liter
  • Volume of Fuel Tank: 6,000Liter
  • Voltage: 120/208v
  • Phase: 3Y
  • Amperage: 30A Boiler
  • Total Length:
  • Total Height:
  • Total Width:
  • Steam connection: one 2-inch NPT with Hammer Union